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Figured it was about time I started a blog!  Well today was a really good day.  Fred & I spent a couple of hours today at a client's condo installing one of my quilts on a large wall.  Took much longer than I thought due to the size - 99" x 105" - but it really looked beautiful.  Fred took a few photos & I'll post one whenever he gets around to giving me one.   While we were there I got a phone call from another customer finalizing the sale of two other quilts - yay!  It's shaping up to be a great month - especially when considering how good Art Fair on Square was.  Now I have to worry if I'll have enough pieces for Riverwalk Art Fair in Naperville in September, (that's actually a good problem), and my challenge quilt for the upcoming ukelele festival (yep, that's right, ukelele festival!!).  The theme is "The Blues" and I've got a couple cool ideas.

I've also been catching up on movies.  Saw Public Enemies a couple week ago.  Good movie, very good Johnny Depp, and it was great seeing all the Wisconsin locations - part of the filming was at the Historical Society in Milwauke - just a couple blocks away from where I work.  We saw the new Harry Potter last weekend.  The theatre had a bar and there was a group of about 12 middle aged men in line in front of us getting toasted on martinis.  Whoever said these movies were for kids only is whack!  Tonight we watched Lords of Dogtown, which I really enjoyed despite the presence of the douchebag EH, who actually looked really good in this movie.  We also watched The Other Bolyn Girl, which was just a hot mess.  Total butchering of history and the book too.  I found it amazing that they managed to take out all the suspense and twist all the juicy parts of the book.  So disappointing!

I've also spent some time on my guilty pleasure - catching up on all the Robsten gossip from Comic Con.  I have no idea why they interest me so much, but they do.  I really appreciate those folks in the know who take the time to share with us - Thank You!!


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