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 Well, it's been awhile since I've posted.  I made a resolution that this year I would read a wider selection of books than I did last year (Twilight series anyone??), and I'm going to keep track of them here.   I think I've made a pretty good (and early) start.  

I finished The Night Train by Martin Amis just before New Years.  I've been meaning to read a few of his books for years and I'm not sure why I never got around to it.  Night Train was a really interesting take on a crime/detective novel and made me look at suicide in a way I'd never thought about before.  Very interesting.  Another of his books - London Fields is on the shelf, but I've got a bunch of others I want to read first.

Tonight I finished The Outlander by Gil Adamson.  I really enjoyed this book.  In her first novel, the author tells the story of Mary Boulton, a 19 year old girl who, in 1903, fights for her freedom from a cold and distant and possibly abusive husband, and later his brothers, and manages to find herself along the way.  It's kind of an early version of grrlll power, with a wonderful cast of characters that she meets along the way, including the Ridgerunner - a loner who lives off of the land and what he can steal from ranger stations, Bonney - the reverend who gives Mary a home and gets her back on track, and McEchern, a dwarf who runs the store in Frank and treats Mary as an equal of sorts.   By the end of the book the author had instilled Mary, who isn't always a likable or sympathetic kind of girl, with a sense of empowerment that I imagine was unusual for a woman in 1903.  I liked the author's writing style - descriptive but not in a flowery kind of way - and look forward to reading her next novel if she writes one.  But then again, as this book took her 10 years to write...

I have to admit that over the last week I've read a couple of fanfics by Icy (Snowqueens Icedragon).  Her writing sucked me in - especially on Master of the Universe.  I'm impatiently waiting for the next chapter.  I love her writing.  If she ever has her novel published I will gladly wait in line to purchase it for full price.

Next up:The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo


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