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The Girl Who Played With Fire
 I finished reading The Girl Who Played With Fire yesterday, and now I am ruined.  I've fallen so in love with the characters in the first two books of the Millennium series, that I don't want to read anything else.  So I guess I'm screwed because there is only one more book and it doesn't come out until May.  But I digress - enough of my whining.

The Girl Who Played With Fire is even better than The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.  It focuses on Lisbeth, how she dealt with her internalized love for Blomqvist - she assumed it was unrequited, but Blomqvist is totally in the dark & has no idea how she feels.  Anyway, she travels for about 18 months and becomes enamoured with math & a certain equation.  When she finally returns to Stockholm, she reconnects with some old acquaintances, Mimi, her old employer Armansky, and Palmgren - her old guardian who she thought had died.  She also buys a new apartment, but refuses to see Blomqvist.  An enemy she made in the first book wants her dead and hires someone to kill her.  It sets off a series of events that exposes Lisbeth's past and sets her up as the murderer of 3 people, including 2 of Blomqvist's friends.  He is the only person who believes her to be innocent and is relentless in proving it by finding the real killer.  Along the way a few others start to believe him, but not before there's more casualties.  It all leads to a suspenseful conclusion and skillfully sets up the next book - all kinds of unanswered questions.

The thing that really got me with this book was how skillfully it was written - especially the relationship between the 2 main characters - without having them have any physical contact until the last page of the book.  Despite this, their connection was palpable.  I love how the characters, especially Lisbeth, grow in this book.  She might be my favorite female character ever - she is so interesting and compelling and just plain odd.

I had heard rumors that George Clooney was attached to this project for the film version, and so that's who I pictured when I read the book.  I've since heard Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt are also interested in playing Blomqvist, and while I love JD, I totally think that GC would be perfect.  I also pictured Kristen Stewart as Lisbeth, but I've heard solid no casting rumors for this role (although I guess Natalie Portman and ellen Page are also interested).

Anyway, I really loved this book.  I started The Gathering by Anne Enright last night, but I'm having a hard time getting into it.  I decided to put some distance between the two books with a few fanfic chapters today - hope it works.  I'm taking a long car ride tomorrow afternoon, so I'll give it another go then.  Will be attending a screening of The Runaways in Madison tomorrow night.  The director was supposed to attend, but I heard Cherie Currie will be filling in for her instead.  I'm really looking forward to the movie.

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Thanks for your comment on blog

Hey there. I know this is an old entry of yours but it's a topic I care about. I love that trilogy. I listened to it rather than read it. Some audiobooks are really good if the reader is good. The narrator that does all 3 books does on awesome job on about 30 voices. Too bad Kristen won't play Lisbeth. I suspect they would have picked her if not for scheduling conflicts. Despite her detractors, decision makers in Hollywood know how talented she is. Thanks again dano328 aka male shipper (opytaylor on blogger dot com)

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