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Kiss of Midnight
 Today I finished Kiss of Midnight by Lara Adrian.  This is the first book in the Midnight Breed series about warrior vampires fighting the evil Master and his rogue vampires.  This book is actually a romance novel involving Gabrielle, a talented photographer, and Lucan, leader of the Boston group of warrior vampires.  Turns out that Gabrielle is actually a Breedmate, and no matter how hard he tries, Lucan can't stay away from her.  No matter how much they both deny it, they finally admit their mutual love and become mates.  This is a pretty good, but fairly standard romance novel. Although the setting is sort of unusual and interesting, it hits all the standard romance novel plot points.

I'll probably read the next book in the series sometime in the next month or so.  I think it involves one  of the other warrior vampires.  I wouldn't doubt if the series takes us through each of them, one by one.

I've also been reading lots of fanfic.  I'm amazed how much good stuff is out there - some of it is very original and very well written.  It's paid for in reviews, so these writers are doing it because they love it.  In the last couple of days a read a few, including:

Into the Mystic by DKMulder:
Withering the Ferns by AngstGoddess003:
and a bunch of updates.  They all do a really good job.


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